What Do Dolls Dream?
I love bjds, and I I love photographing mine.


I just looked at it and it seems to be true! DoA registrations are open right now, so this might be the chance to join without asking for an invite that you’ve all waited for

Work is quiet today and I was dying to see how Elspeth looks in the Oscar eyes that I acquired recently.

Answer: completely freaking amazing.

(faceup by momochu)

So many new eyes. No dolls out to try them in. *whimpers*

(houseguest goes home on the 7th. I am suffering from doll withdrawal.)


Things only doll people say:

"I got a box of eyes today, and yours were in it!"

Goodbye for now!

This is the end of my queue, and Liadan wishes you all a fond farewell, as she and the rest are all packed away while I have a houseguest here. I’ll be back in October.


I got a dolly package and it included this amazing pink wig.

Oh, yes! FL tan looks amazing in pink.

Oh, wow, she looks lovely!


An ounce of prevention.