What Do Dolls Dream?
I love bjds, and I I love photographing mine.

Someone currently has lots and lots of hair.

I made a quick skirt to go with this corset. I need to find some trim for the bottom.

Tried this wig on my Juri 13.  It looks cute on her!

Girls are home!

Top row: Feeple60 Juri 13

Bottom row: Minifee Juri 13, Littlefee Dark Elf Soo (their wigs both need a trim!) I don’t have names yet for either of the Juris. I am hoping to have the m-line body i ordered for the MNF Juri 13 sometime in the next few weeks—she looks a little funny on the a-line body.

Vitta Vera did their faceups!

I can tell Minifee Risse is going to be one of those sculpts that grows on me once I see owner pictures. No desire for one right now.

But, um.  Pukifee Cony. No, I don’t need any more pukis, I don’t need any more pukis…..

And, fortunately, I think i’m safe from the event heads. Not a pointy ear in sight. Whew.