What Do Dolls Dream?
I love bjds, and I I love photographing mine.

So, there’s another Ante coming to join the Ante army.

And it’s not a Minifee!

And the other head that came home today! This is not her final wig or eyes (her wig is coming and her eyes haven’t been ordered yet) but look how gorgeous she is!  

This is Stavia, my minifee Yder Elf.


Painted heads are home!  This is my Wigletz Alize head, with a faceup by Vitta Vera.  I tried on a bunch of different wigs and these two were my favorites.  I think she’s going to keep the blonde wig—it shows off her awesome ears.

Time for some Minecraft!


Quck cellphone pictures of the newly tidied shelves.  Including five minifees, all in a line.

Ah, alas, no tan F60 Celine for me. Sadness.

(…maybe I could get my Minifee Ante, though…)

My doll shelves were in such disarray that it took a full 45 minutes to get everything cleaned up, put away, and rearranged. But the shelves are all tidy now, and the tinies have their room back!

And then she stole some horns. Please send help, she’s taking over.

So a friend of a friend sold me a pair of Oscar eyes. I brought Liadan along to pick them up, because she’s my only MSD who uses 16mm eyes. I grabbed this wig, which was sitting on the shelf, just so she wouldn’t be bald.

I popped the eyes in her and…bam. I’m in love again. She looks like a totally different doll. i had been considering selling her head, but…nope.