What Do Dolls Dream?
I love bjds, and I I love photographing mine.

You’ll remember me when the west wind moves
among the fields of barley


And another outfit courtest @dakashy!

We become what we must to protect the children that we were.

(dakashy sold me a couple of Dollheart sets, modeled here on the Lucys!)

I never made promises lightly.

And I swear in the days still left
we’ll walk in fields of gold


…Hujoo, you’re getting weird.

I like it.

Please continue.


I didn’t specify any international shipping on something I was selling on ebay because international shipping requires going to the post office during business hours—something I can only do on Saturdays. (It’s also painfully expensive at this point, and only worth doing if it’s something a little higher-priced.)

Someone from Brazil bought the one last thing I had listed. 

Well, I hope they are cool with getting a shipping charge that almost doubles the price of the doll.

Aina has decided that she, like Katje, is a dragon.