What Do Dolls Dream?
I love bjds, and I I love photographing mine.

One small child and 12 adults is pretty much the perfect ratio.

Made it to Orlando!

Owwwwww.  right in the wallet.

Guess where i’m ordering from once i get back from vacation?

Someone’s a punk.

More new eyes, this time for Danae!  These are Makoeyes, in Moon-019.

Stavia got her permanent eyes!  These are Makoeyes in Owl-011. They’re a bit darker in person than on the site.

By request: Makoeyes AM-021 in 12mm next to a pair of 14mm Oscar eyes.  Not sure which color the Oscar eyes are—they’re secondhand.

The tan Ante (who I need to decide on a name for) also has new eyes.  These are from Dollbakery, in Perfect Teal.

…I give up.  Satine’s just going to change wigs regularly.

(thank you, dakashy, for the wigs!)

Cosima got new-to-her eyes (one of the Littlefees was wearing these until recently). These are Makoeyes, I believe.