What Do Dolls Dream?
I love bjds, and I I love photographing mine.

p.s. I am so busy right now that I don’t even have time to touch my dolls, much less take pictures of them…I promise I will be more active once July is over with!

Fairyland. Fairyland. My wallet is already crying and I had plans for one last big doll and then you come out with F60 Celine.


"Sila, where do books come from?"

"They come from the minds of people called writers, but they have a lot of help along the way."

(non-doll interlude follows!)

Some of you who follow me may know that in my non-doll life, I am a writer of the “gets paid to write” variety. I am involved with Clarion West, which runs a workshop focused on science fiction and fantasy. It’s a great educational resource (and if you’re local to the Pacific Northwest, they put on fantastic single-day workshops that are open to the community).

Every year, Clarion West does a fundraiser called the Write-a-thon—like a walkathon but with words. This year, I’m writing a few chapters of a new novel for the Write-a-thon, and hoping to get more people to sponsor me this year!

Any amount helps—$5, $10, $20. You can sponsor me per week or just a little for the whole time.

I would love it if those of you who love my pictures of dolls could sponsor me! Even if just a quarter of the people who follow my blog sponsored me for $10 each, I could blow my fundraising goal right out of the water.

You can read a sample of my writing, see my goals, and sponsor me here: http://www.clarionwest.org/members/kris-millering/

Why should you sponsor me?

You’ll get sneak peeks into what I’m writing and at the end of the Write-a-thon, you’ll get a novelette cowritten by me and Storm Wilder. But not just that, you’ll be supporting me and my writing.

But if you don’t feel like sponsoring me, there are a ton of writers writing for the Write-a-thon like J.M. Sidorova, Rochita Loenen-RuizAn Owomoyela, Nisi ShawlNalo Hopkinson, and Cassandra Rose Clarke — women, PoC, people whose voices are from outside the mainstream.

Why should you support Clarion West?

Clarion West runs a six-week workshop for writers of speculative fiction at the beginning of their careers. It doesn’t do just that, though—it provides continuing education for writers, and it provides a community that extends around the world.

More than that, though, it provides support and access for writers who might otherwise have high barriers to getting published. 

Supporting Clarion West supports new and diverse voices in science fiction and fantasy. These are the writers you’ll want to be reading 5, 10, 20 years down the road. 

Sponsor me here: http://www.clarionwest.org/members/kris-millering/

Browse the list of writers here: http://www.clarionwest.org/groups/write-a-thon-2014/members/

Learn more about the Write-a-thon and sponsor multiple writers here: http://www.clarionwest.org/writeathon/

Reblogging myself because hey!  I have a few sponsors but I would most sincerely love more!  

"I want to be a dragon when I grow up."

Eeeee, I got the horns that I bought from Sparrow in! They’re maybe a little large on Aina, but she is not giving them up.  They may get passed around a little eventually.


MAKOEYES new V3 Urethane Eye Series OWL now available in 12-20mm

…well, it turns out to be a good thing that I had procrastinated my Makoeyes order…

Goofing around in the summer.

…she stole my pair of antlers. I guess Aina is going to need some new antlers.  (These don’t go well with her new hair, so it’s just as well!)


Look who’s here!  She doesn’t have a name yet, but that’s definitely her wig.

She’s always so grumpy-looking.